The Brilliant Entrepreneurs Talent Development Programme assists 15 female entrepreneurs to better present their companies in an international setting. The female businesses are now capable to position their businesses internationally. Additionally, the women created increased access to international investments by applying their newly-acquired skills. On top of this, the project resulted in collaborations between the Georgian entrepreneurs and Dutch companies.

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"(…) The trade mission was excellent and we are proud that 15 Georgian women, including me, came back to their country with new challenges, inspiration and experience."

Increased sales

The project results exceeded the expectations and show that the female entrepreneurs are committed and result-oriented. This project has given an important boost to the development of their businesses. In total, twelve of the participants have managed to increase their sales and number of clients. Eight of them did so on the national market while four of them have taken new steps on the international market. For example, Baia’s Wine managed to export 600 bottles of wine to the USA and Canada. In addition, she managed to welcome over 500 national and international guests in her farm guesthouse. Expansion of the guesthouse and the wine production is in full process.

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Matchmaking with Dutch businesses

Next to the improvements of their skills, the 15 female Georgian entrepreneurs visited the Netherlands with the aim of expanding their business networks and learning more about trade with the Netherlands. The programme included providing a training, expanding international networks, discussing international opportunities and facilitating  introductions to potential Dutch business partners and leads. Due to the diverse backgrounds of the delegation, the trip included visits to companies in the agro/food, design, business services and hospitality sectors.

In addition, a networking event was organised to connect with potential valuable Dutch business partners. New partnerships have emerged for the sales of Georgian hazelnuts and exclusive herbal teas. Moreover, plans are being developed to create the Georgian Design Week, inspired by the Dutch Design Week. Mission accomplished: with eight successful matches between Georgian female entrepreneurs and Dutch businesses, there is no doubt about that.